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Lush: Exfoliating Favourites

So I have to say that I am kinda a new customer of Lush, I have never bought anything from there until a couple of months ago - I know, crazy right? Here is a warning to those who were like me: Once you go in - you will always go back :P I did find Lush a little intimidating - there is just so much stuff! so much choice and so it's an overwhelming experience if you don't know what you are going in for. That's why today I wanted to write about my favourite Lush products - specifically body scrubs, so if you are in need of a new body scrub then hopefully this post will be able to help you out  :) 

1) Sugar Scrub (£2.95) 
This was actually the first product I had purchased from Lush :D and I think the fact that I've repurchased it probably says a lot. What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say Lush? For me it's the smell of the shop and just like the shop this product smells sooo good. It contains Fennel and Ginger which is a really interesting combination, it smells good without being overpowering and after you use it your bathroom will smell super awesome too! This is the 'harshest' of the scrubs that I am going to mention - because of the fact that this product is actually made of sugar. Honestly, I really like this scrub because it exfoliates, it really is as simple as that. I absolutely hate it when I want a decent scrub but the particles are so tiny that it doesn't even do anything. This product actually came with more surprises than I had imagined - once I had scrubbed my skin and rinsed it off - my skin was already moisturised! I was literally so shocked and so impressed. This sugar scrub also contains lavender oil which calms your skin after all that scrubbing and leaves your skin so smooth and soft that you won't even feel the need of adding any lotions after the shower. For the price - this product is definitely worth it. When I repurchased it the sales assistant said that it's a really good foot scrub too sooo it's a multi-purpose product :) What more could we want eh??

2) Ocean Salt: Face and Body Scrub (£13.25/ 250g) 
I think you guys know that throughout this post I'm gonna talk about how amazing these all smell :P The lime in this product smells so good, and mixed with the avocado butter it's simply divine. I always sniff this before I use it - It does kinda smell like the ocean, just a nice fresh smell - perfect for the mornings :) The thing I love about this product is that it contains actual bits of sea salt and so it scrubs your skin but because the particles are way bigger - it's not as harsh as the sugar scrub and so perfect for the face. This has more of a creamy texture to it and so it is so softening and just an all round great product. I like the fact that this is a dual purpose product, it's really convenient and a good choice to go for if your skin is a bit more sensitive :) I should also mention that they do a smaller 120g tub for £7.25 which is good if you want to try it but not commit fully :) 

3) Sandstone Soap (£3.40/100g)
Okay so this one is kinda pushing it a little since it is a soap buuut it does contain sand which is so cool, and so does exfoliate. What attracted me to this product was the smell (surprisingly :P ) - I actually loved this scent more than all the other soaps (yes I did smell them all) - it smells like lemon but just so much more better! Like the other two products the whole bathroom will smell of this scent which I looove :) This product, like I mentioned hastily before, contains particles of sand which I think is such an awesome idea for everyday use. I think this will be awesome if your skin is super sensitive - It scrubs really nicely if you massage it into your body. I just love the fact that i can use this everyday without feeling like I am doing too much to my skin - it really is a nice balance. I would recommend this if you are looking for a multi-purpose soap - I mean it smells good, it exfoliates and cleans your body - what more could you want? :)

So those three were the scrubs that I would definitely recommend to you guys to try, depending on the sensitivity of your skin and what you actually want the scrub for :) I hope you guys enjoy these products as much as I have done! Leave a comment telling me your favourite scrub or even your favourite Lush product  - since there is sooo much to try! :)
Thanks for reading, 
Anjna x


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