Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bath Time! (Ft. Lush)

Hey guys!
First I have some exciting news - I am working as a Christmas Temp at Lush! I can't even explain how over the moon I am about this since talking about products all day every day seems to be what I do best. Since I am now working there - I get to try out some awesome stuff that I probably wouldn't have picked up myself and so if you wanna know some more about Lush products then stayed tuned for the next few weeks on my blog because I think Lush will feature quite heavily. 
Today I wanted to talk about what Lush is particularly famous for: bath bombs and bubble bars. I also have a confession to make: before this week, I had never used any of the bath stuff from Lush, shocking right? I can truly say that I had been missing out -  here is a review about two of the products I used.
Golden Wonder (Bath Bomb): (£3.75/1)*
The reason I was drawn to this was because it was shaped like a present and if you shake it then something rattles inside! It just made me excited for Christmas since it's seemed like it would be full of 'wonder' and I was totally right. As soon as this hit the bath water it was just captivating to watch the water change from yellow to green so quickly. The fragrance that soon filled my bathroom had a citrus scent which was fresh and relaxing and so this would be perfect relieve stress in the evening. The shimmer from the bomb does transfer to the water but honestly it looks so lovely with the dark green water and although some of it does get on your skin it really isn't noticeable. I thought I would have problems with the water staining my bath but it didn't leave a single trace which is amazing - Lush uses natural ingredients and also safe synthetics so that probably explains why my bath didn't turn green! All in all I would recommend this product to everyone who is looking to try something extremely special this Christmas. See it in action in the photos below :)

The Christmas Hedgehog (Bubble Bar): (£3.25/1)*
I am going to be honest and say I wanted this because it was shaped like a hedgehog - it's so cute! The next reason that this got my attention was the smell. It is fantastic. It smells like the forest and just nature - so clean cut that you can never get bored of it - I think it's the Ylang Ylang oil in it which is extracted from a plant. The way this works is to crumble it underneath your tap while your bath is running to make bubbles - easy! While the colour of the bath didn't change for this product, the feel of the water transformed into something more silkier and softening which I think is perfect for the colder winter nights where your skin becomes drier. The bubbles that were created were so big and soft! I loved it ;) Again with the cleaning up, this gave me no problems - I thought I would need to hose down the excess bubbles but they went straight down with no effort from me. I would recommend this for people who want a change in their bath routine - it really is something else.

So my first experiences with bath bombs and bubble bars went down a treat! I loved the entire experience and I am a total convert now - I'm so curious to try what else Lush has. Another thing I would like to add is that  both products would be suitable for people of any age - the colours and fizziness of Golden Wonder would be mesmerising for children but the scent is something an adult can appreciate. The bubbles of The Christmas Hedgehog is something a child would enjoy yet the texture and smell is just so appealing to everyone. I think these products would make lovely add on Christmas gifts for anyone of any age or gender and I urge you all to try them. 
Thank you so much for reading, 
Anjna x

*The products featured in this post were not purchased by me, it was a 'welcome to the team' gift that Lush gave after my induction. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Golden Wonder has been a long time favourite of mine, it's so fun and it smells amazing! And I can't quite get over how cute the Christmas Hedgehog is! I'll have to pick one up next time I'm in Lush! You have to try the Luxury Lush Pud as well, it smells like my favourite bath bomb Twilight but it's cuter!
    Becki xo

  2. Golden Wonder is like the coolest bath bomb ever! I will definitely try that! Thank you for the recommendation :) x


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