Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Budget Eyebrows and Routine

So I know I talk a lot about beauty and skin-care but despite this I am actually a low maintenance girl. I like to spend around 10 minutes doing my make-up, you know making some effort but I don't exactly want to spend an hour perfecting my make-up. 
My eyebrows are not really something that I care about too much, I get them threaded once or twice a month and usually just fill them in with a pencil, however I have recently changed my 'routine', making them look more natural but still not spending any more than a minute on them.

I have sparse brows and although I loved using a pencil to fill them in, it's very easy to overdo your brows, or make them uneven especially if you don't have all the time in the world. I really wanted to try and use a powder to fill in my eyebrows instead since make-up artists think powder is better for longevity and I thought that using a powder might work for me too. This is usually the bit where I would head to Superdrug or Boots to buy the powder that would be exactly what I was looking for however I decided to 'shop my own stash' to see if I actually owned an eyeshadow colour that would work for my eyebrows; Surprisingly enough I own the Revlon ColourStay ShadowLinks (£2.99/1.4g) a single eyeshadow which is a matte, cool toned, dark brown colour called Coca

This is actually perfect for eyebrows, it's not crazily pigmented meaning that you can't apply too much and the formula is more powdery than buttery. I love the fact it's so small too, making it easy to travel with and also since it's a single eyeshadow there are no unnecessary colours that I will never use. It lasts the entire day, I'm so happy I actually found this rather than buying something that may not have worked as well for me. For the price, I think this is amazing, I know Revlon does quite a few shades in these ShadowLinks so hopefully they have some that suit other hair types! 

My Routine
Like I said earlier, my routine is really fast and more like a quick fix than an actual routine. I start by brushing my brows with a spooly, which is a mascara like brush, and then I start filling in my brows from the tail first using the Revlon Colourstay ShadowLink, this way the end of my brows will be the darkest and starts to fade out at the beginning, making it look more natural.

I use an angled brush to fill in my brows but one which is quite flexible, a stiff brush means that it will pack colour on more heavily and I prefer the opposite. You can use any angled brush and spooly you want, I've had my brushes for years and perhaps they need replacing, but for now I am happy with this routine. At the end I just brush my brows again and that's it! Just one product and two brushes.

My brows are far from perfect, but I'm happy with them and that's all that really matters, I know they won't ever look like Cara Delevingne but you gotta play with the cards you've been dealt right? I think I should purchase a brow gel, to tame my brows some more so recommendations are welcome! :) Check out the Revlon ColourStay ShadowLinks here!
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What products do you use for your brows?? I would love to know :)


  1. Well I think you've got lovely brows :) mine are so sparse I have to fill 'em in with DipBrow!


    1. Haha thank you Georgina :) At least you can make whatever shape you want! :)


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