Friday, 5 June 2015

Reusing your Birchbox!

So receiving a Birchbox for my birthday was amazing, and I love the contents to pieces but I had no idea what to do with the packaging! They have some beautiful boxes and I just don't want to throw them away...So here is what I did with it!

As a make-up and skin-care addict, I love to display my stuff but my problem was that it used to get really messy really fast, because in the morning you rush a lot and in the evening you just don't feel like cleaning up.
I have no idea when I decided to stick my freestanding make-up and skin-care into a Birchbox but I am really glad I did. It conserves a lot more space, and it's easier to clean up because there is an actual space where each product belongs. It's harder to knock things over and nothing can really get that lost.  The pictures shown are actually where I keep my stuff, I actually like the fact that the bottom and top of the boxes are different!

Everyday Skin-care
As a university student, space is definitely needed and also having these boxes around mean that when it comes to packing up I have extra storage space, that can transport my make-up and skin-care for when it's time to go home. 
Honestly, if you have a one of these boxes, try this out; it doesn't even have to be on your desk, it can be in a drawer or even in your bathroom. It makes a really great organiser. 
A few make-up pieces (the rest is in my make-up bag!)
Reuse your Birchbox by using it for:

- Chargers/ adaptors 
- Hair-care (a place where your hairbands and bobby pins will not go missing)
- Stationary 
- Desk tray - always lose your keys? or need a pen? 
- Important documents

I kind of want another one so I can use it for keeping my chargers because mine are all in different places! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post - especially if you are a loyal subscriber of Birchbox you now have a few idea's on what to do with all those boxes!
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