Thursday, 18 June 2015

Makeup Revolution: Amazing Curve Mascara

If you haven't heard of the brand Makeup Revolution yet, I have no idea where you have been. Makeup Revolution is a fairly new brand which is available in most Superdrug stores now, it is primarily known for their budget prices.

Mascara is always the thing I am always in need of, so I thought I would grab the Makeup Revolution Amazing Curve (£2.00/5ml) in the shade black, I actually had no idea what to expect.

So I actually kinda like this mascara, it reminds me of Benefits Roller Lash in that it attempts to try and curl your lashes. Now this doesn't exactly hold a curl for me, but it's half way there, so for me it's perfect on those days where I don't want to put too much effort in, like when you are running errands.

I think the formula is spot on, it's not too dry nor too wet and coats the lashes evenly, making them lengthier and also curling them a bit. This holds a the tiniest bit of a curl for me, which is the same result that Benefits Roller Lash had on me too, so if you have pretty thick curled lashes, I actually think you would get along with this mascara quite nicely. I absolutely love the brush on this mascara, it curves to the shape of your eyelashes, and so gets the tiny hairs at the inner parts of your eye.

I honestly think this mascara is worth a shot if you are looking for a new one, although this isn't my daily mascara, you have to remember that my eyelashes are short, grey and flat and so they really are the worst combination a girl could have. Also for the price, what do you have to lose? For more information click here.
Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? If so, how did you find it? I would love to know :)


  1. Amazing post dear!

  2. Great review, definitely going to get my hands on this mascara! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank youu :) and you really should! It's worth a shot! :)


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