Monday, 19 May 2014

Review: Tresemmé 7 Day Smooth System Shampoo and Deep Treatment Masque

Hey :) 
So today I wanted to review Tresemmé 7 Day Smooth System Shampoo and Deep Treatment Masque since I've been trying it out for while and I wanted you guys to know my first impression :)

This shampoo in itself is really nice - smells just as good as any other Tresemmé shampoo which I looove. I can honestly say that this product delivers the smoothness that it claims (more like 2/3 days rather than the 7 that it claims but that's fine by me), you can notice instantly that something has changed in your hair. My hair personally looked smoother, healthier and just all round awesome, I noticed that even blow-drying my hair haphazardly it was still nice and smooth. It makes my hair feel clean and soft without feeling greasy so this is doing something special to my hair. 
I think this product would be awesome if your hair tends to get frizzy - especially in the summer with all the humidity :) and I do think it is worth the money. I will say however that I didn't like this product when I first got it because when I curled my hair that day it dropped out within an hour or two. So this is going to be a product which I will use occasionally but if I know I want to curl my hair I won't use it. It kinda sucks because I like being spontaneous when it comes to my hair but it is something you can work around. I think it is still worth the buy since I know it will make my hair look awesome when I am in a rush or going somewhere special :)

Deep Treatment Masque
I love these kinds of products. In general they just make your hair feel so soft! (I'm feeling the ends of my hair now and they feel so soft!). I think everyone needs to invest in these kinds of conditioners  - I actually prefer these to the normal conditioners they sell since they just seem to do a lot more. Pair the Deep Treatment Masque with any shampoo and you'll get fabulous results anyway :) I use this product twice a week in place of a conditioner and mainly work it into my ends so they stay soft and damage free and it is doing a good job so far :) I have absolutely no issue with this product - I think that its just a standard deep hair conditioner that does the job. I would invest in this if you are looking for a change perhaps or just wanted to try something that works nicely :) 

This is for the girls (or guys) whose hair gets greasy waay faster than other people (like me). Basically if you condition your hair first and then shampoo it then your hair is noticeable softer and cleaner. I think this works because the conditioner will make your hair softer but shampooing after will clean your hair of any residue - making your hair be grease-free for longer! Honestly you could even do this with the two products I've just reviewed (I used this tip today) and you can notice a massive difference. However I don't think this works if you have drier hair since shampooing last will rid your hair of the moisture the conditioner provided.
I got this tip from Tati from GlamLifeGuru on YouTube and it works so well that I just had to share!

I hope you enjoyed this post :) Comment below telling me what your favourite hair products are :)
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  1. I tried the Deep Treatment Masque for the first time yesterday and I must say, I feel it has already started to help my hair! I applied it mainly to the ends of my hair as I feel they're the most damaged/dry and my hair feels softer today :)
    So yeah, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a conditioning hair treatment

    1. That's awesome! :) I love the fact that the results are instantaneous - makes you feel less guilty about styling it :)


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