Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July Favourites :)

Hey guys, so I can't believe how fast this month has gone! it's crazy :) I love picking out my favourites - some may be familiar since I am quite vocal with things that I absolutely love :)

Revlon ColourStay ShadowLinks (£2.99/1.4g)
I love the concept of the shadow links as you can create your own personalised palette which I love because I'm a person who usually knows what they want, so picking and choosing is definitely for me. I have been loving this colour as it's my go to shade if I am in a rush, I will just blend it in my crease (since it is a few shades darker than my skin) and it will make my eyes look more defined with minimal effort :) It is in the colour Cocoa and I really think everyone should have a shade like this :) 

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Make-up SPF 10 (£28.50/30ml)
I've raved about this foundation in my post 'Battle of the Foundations' as this is my perfect foundation: high coverage, easy to blend, awesome range of shades and long lasting. I have been wearing it all month because it is something I can count on without any thought and I know it will last throughout the day. Since it has been sunny in England the SPF 10 really comes in handy :) My shade is 4N2 Spiced Sand. 

bareMinerals Matte SPF 15 foundation (£25.00/6g)  
Carrying on with what I was saying in the last paragraph, it's been sunny in England and I've found that bareMinerals Matte foundation is awesome as a powder. Surprisingly, I powder a lot less in summer because I think it looks reeeally noticeable, so I just tend to apply this around my nose and cheeks (where I get oily the most). I don't mind if I get slightly oily in the sun because it makes my skin look natural. My shade is 'Golden Tan' :)

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind and Purifying Micro-Pearls (£19.00/125ml)
I've very recently raved about this (full review here), I've been using it for 2 weeks and this sample size is almost about to finish but I'm surprised it's lasted this long to begin with. This cleanser is just amazingly good at removing make-up with minimal product and effort and I know if I hadn't tried this sample I would have never thought about purchasing it which would have been my deepest unknown regret. I literally love it. 

Clinique Take The Day Off Make-up Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips (£17.00/125ml)

I did a post about this product a while back (full review here) and I'm still using it! This is a very good product, I use it whenever I have a waterproof mascara on which is near enough every day due to summer :) It's just effective and efficient and most importantly: gentle. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good eye/lip make-up remover.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about what I have been loving to use this month :) Comment telling me what you have enjoyed :) Be sure to subscribe :)
Thanks for reading, 
Anjna xx



  1. I've never heard of the Shadowlinks but the idea seems so cool! I hope we have it in Canada.
    Do you know if the Estee Lauder foundation is good for combination skin?

    1. Gassp, Shadowlinks are amazing! I think it's good quality for the price :) It should be in Canada :)
      The Estee Lauder Foundation should be good for combination skin - I think as long as you like a semi-matte finish then it would be perfect :)

  2. i adore double wear! it's one of my favourites when i want to have a flawless skin day

    from helen at

    ps. win a pair of raybans and a beauty goodie bag worth nearly £300 in my new giveaway! click here.

    1. haha :) who doesn't want flawless skin on a day to day basis eh :P :) x

  3. DW is my favourite foundation too, but I wear the DW Light version. It's still amazing coverage but a little lighter on the skin which I find is great for the summer months. The Clinique makeup remover sounds great too, I need to try it! :)
    emmerliejay x

    1. Oooh, I've seen the DW light too :) I can see why it would be amazing for summer :) The Clinique Make-up remover is amazing especially if you love to wear strong lip colours and waterproof mascaras :) xx


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