Saturday, 29 November 2014

Review: Bourjois Paris Colour Edition 24H Eyeshadow

Hey guys,
So this time last week I was shopping in Boots (not surprising, right) and I picked up the Bourjois Paris Colour Edition 24H Eyeshadow (£6.99/5g). Something about the colour and packaging just promised quick application and reliability. Here is what I thought: 

I love this product, and I am so glad I bought it, I can't stop wearing it because it's so fool proof and quick. It's actually hard for me to think of something I don't like about it but I will try.

Good points:
1) Colour - I picked up the colour 'Merveille D'Argent' which is the gold shade, I am a huge lover of gold eyeshadow however sometimes I find that 'Half Baked' from Urban Decay's Naked Palette can be too in-your-face gold. This is a muted fine shimmer gold which catches the light perfectly.
2) Application - We all have those mornings where we are running late, and I usually find that fiddling around with brushes makes me waste time. This is a cream to powder eyeshadow and so can be applied with fingertips which takes all of 10 seconds. This can be applied with a brush too however it's really not needed.
3) Travel Friendly - The packaging of this is amazing, It's extremely durable and can probably handle the worst handbags. Again because it is a cream formula the shadow won't break in your make-up bag or handbag and so I know I will be taking this around with me when I travel.
4) Packaging - This goes well with the last point but I love the style of the packaging - It really reminds me of  the Chanel 'Illusion D'Ombre' in terms of packaging: simple yet useful.
5) Longevity - This says 24 hours but who wears eyeshadow for that long? This does last to the end of the day, it probably won't be the same as how you applied it in the morning but it is still there. I've also noticed that it doesn't crease as much as other eyeshadows. Again this is handbag friendly so if you did want your make-up looking as fresh as it did in the morning then carry this nice and dicky product around with you and you are good to go.
6) Layering - If you did want more pigmentation from this product then layering it also works - I think this works best with a flat eyeshadow brush because it's better to pat it in than swipe the colour away. This also blends super nicely if you did want more of a defined eye - add a matte brown in the crease and you are good to go.

Bad points:
1) Pigmentation: So this product is really a subtle gold shimmer and so it can be said that it lacks in pigmentation. However I did say that I liked this because it wasn't as in-your-face as other gold eyeshadows so for me it is perfect for everyday wear.

Honestly, I think you can tell I love this eyeshadow. It's hard to pick holes in it because I like that it doesn't do things like other eyeshadows. I really would recommend this product to everyone because it ticks all the boxes :) I have been wearing this everyday and I am obsessed. I hope you give it a go! Leave a comment telling me what your favourite eyeshadow is?
Thanks for reading,
Anjna x


  1. I love cream to powder shadows and this Bourjois one sounds gorgeous, especially for the holiday season! I love the packaging too, it looks prettier than the Maybelline Colour Tattoos! :)
    Becki xxx

    1. It does look better than the Maybelline Colour Tattoos :) this gold is way more wearable too :) x

  2. It is :) you should totally test it out! :)


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