Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Stress Relief! My Routine :) ft. Lush

Hey guys :) 
So lately I have been super stressed - I am in my second year of university studying psychology and I have a lot of other commitments that I dedicate my time too such as being a lab research assistant and having a part time job. I love all of the things I commit myself too and so I would rather take a lot on than miss out on amazing opportunities. That's where this post comes in - recently I have found that I should dedicate some time to myself and this post is how I do that and what I use! 

Before I head into the shower - I make sure to light my candle and the one I am using at the moment is The Body Shops Sandalwood and Ginger Scented Candle (£10.00/200g). I do this so when I come out of the shower my room smells nice and inviting. I also make some tea - either Earl Grey or some Indian Chai (I will be sharing my recipe really soon!) to cool down while I shower.


So at my university accommodation I don't have access to a bath which sucks because that's usually my method of choice when I want to de-stress. However the shower is still an awesome place to relax and the way I choose to do this is to pick a lot of nice smelling products. Currently I am using Bûche de Noël (£6.50/100g)*  from Lush which is a Christmas face and body cleanser - I just use this on my body because it is extremely moisturising for my skin-type and nowadays my body could use some more moisture. I really like this product because it contains ground almond which helps to gently exfoliate the skin and it really does smell like Christmas (that's probably because it contains Brandy!). I am also using the Yog Nog (£3.40/100g)* which is a soap from Lush - I haven't posted a picture of it because it's been too well loved these past few weeks. It smells wonderful and spicy because it contains Nutmeg Powder and Clove Bud Oil - my mom simply adores it too. 

Although I won't go too much into depth here I love to remove my make-up and cleanse my face in the shower at night because I feel like the warm steam helps to open my pores so I get a deeper clean. Also cleansing the face with warm hands makes the whole process more luxurious and pampering.   

Post-Shower Body

This is my favourite part lately! On days where I still don't have a lot of time I love to use Celebrate Body Lotion (£12.95/225g)* by Lush - It's amazing! I cannot rave about the smell enough! Too me it smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange which is just a weakness of mine. It contains Brazilian Orange Oil and Orange Flower Absolute so that's probably where I get that from. This body lotion also goes on like a dream - really easy to blend in and a little does go a long way. I love how quick the process is :)
Dirty shown Above and Shades of
 Earl Grey Below. Both looking worse
for wear!

However when I do have a bit more time on my hands I love to use the massage bars from Lush. I had never tried any until about two weeks ago and I am addicted already. I have two and although that may seem excessive I use them for different reasons. The first is Dirty Massage Bar (£5.95/1)* and smells like mint chocolate - really nice on the senses and soothing - it contains Lavender, Fair trade Cocoa and Shea Butter - I can smell this throughout the night and it really helps to calm me. The second massage bar is called Shades of Earl Grey (£5.95/1)* and I was attracted to this because I love Earl Grey tea and I knew I would love this too. This one also contains your Fair Trade Cocoa and Shea Butter but it contains Bergamot Oil which is what gives the massage bar the nice Earl Grey smell as Bergamot is an ingredient in the tea. I love that Shades of Earl grey contains Lime and Lemon Oil because it becomes very uplifting and refreshing. Honestly, from the first use I knew this product was something I needed in my life because when I did get into bed I felt a lot less burdened and I was able to sleep a lot better. Another plus is that massaging your body will make it more firmer and more toned :) 


I don't have that much time to myself so reading actual books is problematic which is a shame but recently I have been loving reading quotes. This book is amazing for it - it's called 8,789 Words of Wisdom by Barbara Ann Kipfer (£5.73/1 )and I like reading it because it gives you a lot of perspective on life especially if you do feel down or just need some advice. I love philosophy and so this book is great because you don't need to read pages of it - just reading one quote could give you that push or mental enlightenment you need. 

From philosophical quotes to nail polish. Again this depends on how much time I have, so that's why Essie is the right way to go because the formula is perfect - giving you quick drying time and even layers that do stay on for a few days. Recently I have been loving Sew Psyched (7.99/ 13.5ml) and Chinchilly (7.99/ 13.5ml). If I am being honest these are my favourites all year round because they are lovely colours but right now it's the formula lean more towards.

So this is how I relax in my day to day life. I have discovered some awesome products in Lush and I know that I will continue to purchase them because they are helping me so much right now. I hope if you are having the same issues as me (stressing/no time) that you will use some of the items I have mentioned. They are honestly amazing.

When you begin something, believe it will end positively (Kipfer, page 191)
Thank you for reading,
Anjna xx

*This is not a sponsored post, these items were given to me by Lush so I could experience them since I work there. 

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