Sunday, 7 December 2014

Winter Nails: Sally Hansen 'Diamond Jubilee'

Hey guys :)
So today I want to share my new favourite nail polish. I actually bought this when I bought my Bourjois eyeshadow (see that review here) so that shopping trip was very successful because I have found some firm favourites that I can't stop using!
The product I am reviewing today is Sally Hansen 'Diamond Jubilee' (£6.99/14.7ml) which is a lovely silver glitter nail polish  and it is absolutely perfect for the coming holiday season. This is why you should have it:

Base Colour: Sephora Formula X in
'Brain Power'
Use: I like how product can vamp up any nail polish you currently own so it's amazing for utilizing those colours that have been neglected in your nail collection. So far I have used it with four colours: a nude,a blue, a  dark green and a pink. Also you could use this by itself for a nice silver sparkly look! This kinda doubles up as a top coat in my opinion so no more waiting around for a bazillion layers to dry!

 Drying time: this is a really quick drying product which is awesome if you are in a rush, I love that if you do mess it up then you can just press down to reapply the glitter and it won't leave that annoying fingerprint mark or you could just add more :)

Base Colour: Essie 'Hide & Go Chic'
Application: The application of this product is exactly like I thought: the first coat is a sheer glitter but the second coat is more opaque glitter. I love to either apply one coat to the entire nail for a slightly sparkly look or to do an ombre effect where I would just apply a second layer to the lower third of my nail. 

Longevity: This product stays on quite well, I like to apply my base colour two days before applying the silver because it helps the colour stay on even longer. For me, this lasts around 5-6 days so I am super pleased with it. It's also easy to do a quick fix because it's glitter and not a actual nail colour so it won't ever look piled on. 

Price: I think that this is a good price for a product that will work with whatever you have on, I certainly don't regret buying it! 

The only thing I don't like about this product is that taking it off is a nightmare which most glitter products are guilty of, so I would recommend soaking a cotton ball/pad completely and then pressing it onto the nail for a few seconds before rubbing to help it come off easier and quicker.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review - I honest do love this product :) I think it's perfect for Christmas and just for any occasion. 
Thanks for reading, 
Anjna x


  1. Oh my god I've been looking for a glitter nail varnish for aaaaaaagessssssssssss that's exactly like this! I love it x

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    Dandy Girl x


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